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Not too long ago, we brought you some info on the much talked about TRON sequel, appropriately titled TR2N - mainly that Pixar overlord John Lasseter is the creative force behind the project and pushed to surprise folks with that fantastic teaser shown at the Con. What's more, it seemed as if original TRON writer/director Steve Lisberger would have no creative input into the sequel despite th fact that he's been developing a sequel since the release of the first. Hearing this spread on the internets got ole Lisby a little concerned so he went ahead and shot off the following email to AICN:

Jim Hill’s piece on Tr2n sounds very dramatic but actually we are trying to put all the drama into the script. I can assure you I am very much involved with Tr2n. It’s a collaborative effort just like the first film was. We have a very talented and dedicated young group and I am doing my best to inspire them as much as they are inspiring me. The trailer, as amazing as it is, is only the beginning.

Ok, so he's got creative input. Thanks for clearing that up there, Steverino.

Extra Tidbit: The original TRON was subtitled THE ELECTRIC GLADIATOR in Australia.
Source: AICN



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