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New Predators poster lurks in the darkness


Update: Apparently this is a fanmade version of a poster similar to one that premiered at SXSW. In other news, I have actually made it even MORE fanmade here

So this weekend, Mike Sampson has brought you a bunch of new info about PREDATORS which he saw footage of at SXSW. It seems to be shaping up to be pretty damn awesome, and it’s definitely one of my most anticipated after viewing the rather badass teaser trailer.

Well I’ve got one more new thing to show you from the film, a brand new poster featuring none other than a titular Predator. I believe this is just a regular Predator, rather than the “Super Predators” we’ve been hearing about, but it’s still pretty wicked.

Check it out below, and start photoshopping it into a badass desktop background.

Extra Tidbit: I bet well see a bunch of character posters for the different cast members. Dibs on the Topher Grace one.
Source: JoBlo.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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