New Simpsons pics

UPDATE: Fox asked us to remove the images below, but provided us with 3 new ones instead. Click to enlarge...

I've been a pretty vocal critic of the upcoming SIMPSONS MOVIE yet part of me can't help but be interested. When it was good, "The Simpsons" was probably one of the top five comedies ever produced for TV. When it was bad, as it currently is, I can make it through entire episodes without even chuckling once. I'm not sure why it took Fox so long to get around to making a SIMPSONS movie but, here we are. Russian site Kino-Express has a bunch of new stills from the movie, some of which I've highlighted below. From what I can gather, Mr. Teeny runs afoul of Maggie and the town of Springfield runs afoul of someone. The SIMPSONS MOVIE is set for release later this summer. Click on any of the pics to see the full gallery.

Extra Tidbit: Minnie Driver and Erin Brockovich are among those who will provide guest voices for the SIMPSONS MOVIE.
Source: Kino Express



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