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New Thor & Black Panther posters (SDCC 2017)


There was a ton of awesome news to come out of Comic-Con today, but Marvel easily won the day with a slew of info, a new THOR trailer and, at least for the crowd in Hall H, a trailer for INFINITY WAR. On top of that, they debuted two new posters for THOR: RAGNAROK and BLACK PANTHER. Take a look at the, below, but try not to be hypnotized by the THOR one!

The BLACK PANTHER one is nice, and will surely draw better reception than the first one. RAGNAROK is where the gasps are gonna come from. The colors and design are tremendous, showcasing a bunch of characters while not feeling overstuffed and claustrophobic. It’s radiant and gorgeous, and I want it now. In fact, it makes me wanna watch that new trailer again. Let's do that.

THOR: RAGNAROK arrives November 3, and BLACK PANTHER follows on February 16.

Source: SDCC 2017



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