New Treasure 2 trailer

If I had a file cabinet (which I don't), you could open it up and somewhere under the letter "G" in a folder marked "Guilty Pleasures," you'd see NATIONAL TREASURE. Sure it was corny and over-the-top but I actually kinda liked it. It reminded me of the kinda movie I would've loved when I was 12-years-old. The NATIONAL TREASURE sequel, subtitled BOOK OF SECRETS, is on its way this Thanksgiving and is sure to make a fast buck. It looks like they took everything they did in the first movie and ramped it up 1,000%. And the addition of Ed Harris is just sublime. I'd go see just about any movie where Ed Harris was playing a slimy bad guy. The final trailer for NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS is online over at Yahoo! Movies and gives you an idea of just how big the scope of this movie is. Are they searching for the Book of Secrets? A treasure? How exactly do they plan on getting away with kidnapping the president? Guess we'll have to buy a ticket to find out...

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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