Night at the Museum 3 is coming, of course

I had no idea that Reno 911’s short shorts wearing Thomas Lennon co-wrote the first two NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies, but I guess you learn something every day. Lennon recently spoke to Access Hollywood being sly about a third installment, but essentially admitting its being written as we speak.

“How could you not? I think it’s a really outstanding idea to do ‘Night at the Museum 3,’ in fact...I wonder if someone’s not even already working on a script for that,” he added with a raised eyebrow.

“I cannot confirm that for a fact, but I cannot deny it for a fact either… It might be in the works.”

As for where it’s taking place? Lennon claims to give us the goods.

“Here’s a little bit, [a] real quick spoiler alert – ‘Night at the Museum 3’ is set in the Liberace Museum.”

Sadly, the Liberace Museum might be the only thing that would get me to revisit this tired concept for a third time, but somehow I think he’s joking. As to why this movie is being made at all, the second film made over $400 million while you weren’t looking, making a sequel a hundred percent guaranteed.  

Extra Tidbit: Even Amy Adams as an asstastic Amelia Earhart couldn’t make me see the new one.



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