Nixon gets cast

Despite the alluring siren call of Hollywood A-listers like Warren Beatty, Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey, director Ron Howard has done the right thing and cast Frank Langella as Richard Nixon in his upcoming film FROST/NIXON. Langella is currently starring in the Broadway production of the play upon which the movie is based. Langella is perhaps best known for his searing portrayal of Skeletor opposite Dolph Lundgren in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (or possibly the guy who showed off his pecker in 1997's LOLITA or even still as just an all around creepy dude). The signing of Langella means that the cast of the Broadway play will stay intact as Michael Sheen had previously agreed to play Frost in the filmed version. FROST/NIXON follows the series of interviews between Nixon and TV journalist David Frost. Howard has pacted to make FROST/NIXON his next film, following that with ANGELS AND DEMONS, the DA VINCI CODE prequel. Filming on the project is set to begin in August.

Extra Tidbit: Playwright Peter Morgan also wrote the scripts for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND and THE QUEEN.
Source: Variety



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