No Bats 3 for Nolan?

I would be far more surprised to hear that Christopher Nolan had committed to a third BATMAN film than I would be to hear he was backing away from one at this point. And not because I think he won't be back (although that is scarily plausible) but because he's busy on INCEPTION, if reports are to be trusted, a truly massive project. Why the hell would he want to start talking about another huge endeavor while he's doing that?

That said, whenever I do hear that Nolan is gone from this franchise, it does frightens me a little. And that is what's going around today, through Batman-On-Film. Those dudes are reporting that the death of Heath Ledger "rocked Nolan hard, and that the Joker absolutely was meant to return for Bats 3". The unique events that surrounded THE DARK KNIGHT have caused Nolan to choose to leave the franchise, and that, for now, is that. It is also reported that it will be 2012 at best before we see another Batman, more likely 2013.

So what do we do with this story? I wouldn't worry about it too much. Nolan is doing INCEPTION now and then we'll rendezvous on all this once he's done with that.
Extra Tidbit: Plus, if it all goes to hell, you guys can count on me to step up and direct that sucker.
Source: B-O-F



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