Oh geez...Police Academy remake moves forward

This is somewhat embarrassing to admit but as a kid, I wholly loved the POLICE ACADEMY films. At least up until ASSIGNMENT: MIAMI BEACH which is about when I checked out. But I was about in fourth grade when CITIZENS ON PATROL came out in theaters and all I can remember was how much fun we'd have at the lunch table repeating our favorite lines from the movies (which nearly always revolved around Bobcat Goldthwait's Zed). Even I could admit then that the franchise was getting less and less funny as time went on (and I'm still a little perplexed at how so many 10-year-olds were able to see the R-rated original) and by the late-80s they were just plain awful.

A franchise is a franchise though and that's something that every studio is going to at least explore relaunching here in this decade. Now New Line is looking to relaunch the series with a new POLICE ACADEMY film. Right now only original producer Paul Maslansky is attached and no director or writer have been hired to work on the film. For all you purists out there, Maslansky confirmed that the classic POLICE ACADEMY theme will make an appearance.

It's unclear what the tone of the new film would be. As I mentioned, the first film was R-rated but eventually became so watered-down that the franchise spawned a Saturday morning cartoon. They are looking at a wide variety of comedians to cast in the film though and I think as long as they stay away from Jeff Dunham, we're in good shape.

Extra Tidbit: What article would be complete without a video of the best of Harris and Proctor.
Source: THR



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