Ong Bak 3 teaser trailer makes its bone-cracking debut

I can't think of a more disjointed and f*cked up trilogy than the ONG BAK series. The first film was a masterpiece of martial arts mayhem, turning Tony Jaa into household name.

A sequel was welcome, and expected. But with the second film teleporting centuries into the past, with seemingly no connection to the first, it was unclear why the hell it bothered to call itself a sequel. Then Tony Jaa ran off into the wilderness to "find himself" halting production, then came back and finished it eventually. The second film ends on a cliffhanger so abrupt it's like they just ran out of film, and now the third film is hoping to fix that problem at last. Oh and Tony Jaa has now quit acting again and has become a monk.

BUT don't let anything I'm saying here imply that these aren't insanely awesome movies. Who cares about continuity? I want to see some bones break! This new teaser from IGN is short, but has some of the action you've been craving, and I'll look forward to seeing this actually released this winter.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Jaa movie? I have to go with THE PROTECTOR honestly.
Source: IGN



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