Orlando's blue balls!

Of course he doesn't have real blue balls, the way you and I know them. A godlike figure such as Orlando Bloom can't possibly experience something as pedestrian and depressing as that. But if you look at the pic below, you'll see that he's had ample experience with a different kind of blue balls, and that's the computer generated image generating kind. This production still obtained from the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END set, reminds me of childhood birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, where I would giddily dive into a sea of balls and lose myself in sheer joy and merriment. And you can tell by Orlando's face that he enjoys being immersed in balls almost as much as I did. Geoffrey Rush on the other hand, doesn't look as happy. POTC 3 comes out May 25th and you can click on the pic to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: On May 25th those balls will become raging waters flooding what appears to be a pirate ship.
Source: Film ick



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