Paramount & Blu-ray

Well, folks, apologies for fueling a vicious internets rumor but it seems Paramount is sticking with HD-DVD and has no plans to switch to the dark side Blu-ray. Read about it HERE.

Blu Ray Any hope the HD-DVD format had of surviving after Warner Bros. announced its exclusive support of Blu-ray for their HD discs was essentially destroyed today as now Paramount has joined the Blu-ray bandwagon. Even though Paramount had previously announced its support of HD-DVD following Universal's support of the format, they apparently had a clause in their contract stating they could switch to Blu-ray on a moment's notice should Warner Bros. decide to support Blu-ray. With Disney, Fox, MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount and obviously Sony (Universal is apparently still undecided on whether they'll switch but if they plan to make any money on HD DVD's, you bet your prickly ass they'll switch) now exclusively in bed with Blu-ray, HD-DVD is sure to join Betamax in the obsolete video technology graveyard. Goodbye, HD-DVD. We barely knew ye. Thanks to Skywalker25 and Keith for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: The TDK Corporation announced in August 2006 that they have created a working experimental Blu-ray Disc capable of holding 200 GB of data on a single side.
Source: Financial Times



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