Piranha 3D too intense for Comic-Con, pulled from lineup

Last night comedian and PIRANHA 3D star Paul Scheer tweeted the following: "BIG NEWS! Comic Con bans Piranha 3D for being "TOO WILD!" Scheer is one of the funniest guys I know on Twitter so I wasn't sure if this was some sort of joke I wasn't in on yet or publicity stunt for the movie. I asked Paul if it was indeed true and he confirmed it was no joke. "Yes, apparently we aren't Family Friendly enough. They pulled us after seeing the footage on Friday." And sure enough, if you check the 3D heavy Friday lineup, you'll find PIRANHA 3D nowhere to be found. But did Comic-Con really "ban" the movie?

HitFix contacted Comic-Con reps who admit they had an issue with the PIRANHA footage, which wasn't "all ages appropriate." They went back to The Weinstein Co. and asked them to edit the footage down so it was PG-rated. TWC declined to do so (and I don't really blame them) and Comic-Con organizers temporarily pulled it from the lineup.

That doesn't mean that PIRANHA is completely out though. Comic-Con said that there's still a week to resubmit footage for a Hall H appearance if TWC so inclined. And when I asked Scheer last night whether he'd still find a way to be at Comic-Con, he replied, "U bet. I'd never miss it and there might a some surprises in store." Maybe they'll just wind up screening the whole film?........

Extra Tidbit: Boy 300 never would make the cut at Comic-Con these days.
Source: TwitterHitFix



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