Pirates 4 talk

Pirates of the Caribbean Jim Hill recently dropped some PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel talk over at his official site. First of all, he seems fairly certain in claiming that because Johnny Depp is indeed interested in reprising his role as uproariously effeminate buccaneer Jack Sparrow in a fourth installment of the franchise, Disney is already planning for the film to be its summer 2009 tentpole. Secondly, he attended a recent signing of children's author Berkeley Breathed and, according to Breathed, who's currently working with PIRATES franchise director Gore Verbinski in adapting Breathed's book "Flawed Dogs: The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton "Last Chance" Dog Pound" into a CG film for Disney, Verbinski is sick to the teeth of goddamn pirates. Which means, of course, that should a fourth film materialize, Verbinski would sooner be caught tonguing recently jailed media whore Paris Hilton than direct even one more second of swashbuckling action. Read more about what Hill had to say about this and an upcoming Robert Zemeckis project HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The real question is will Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot be back to script this bad boy. If not, its suckage potential increases exponentially, methinks.
Source: Jim Hill Media



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