Probe this new teaser poster for alien comedy Paul

The last two alien invasion movies released by Universal - THE FOURTH KIND and SKYLINE - did nothing for me but this is one alien movie I'd be happy to let invade my life. PAUL, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost along with a host of other comedy geniuses, doesn't hit theaters until March (February in the UK) but we've got a new teaser poster for the film.

I'll admit to being not blown away by the teaser trailer for the film, which looked like it struggled with how to convey the film. Is it an alien film? An action film? A slapstick comedy? A Pegg/Frost film? All the above is what it tried to do and wound up not really selling any of those points very well. But I'm still optimistic for the film based on the pedigree of all involved. Check out the poster below!

Extra Tidbit: You'll see cameos from a bunch of your favorite onliners during the Comic-Con scenes...
Source: JoBlo.com



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