Rambo goes where?

Now that John Rambo has killed the absolute shit out the evil Burmese military, what population gets ventilated next?

After the popularity of RAMBO, Sylvester Stallone and studio Lionsgate unsurprisingly intend to bring the badass ex-Green Beret back for more messy slaughter. The question seems to be where that carnage occurs, as Sly tells Extra: "Yeah, we are doing another 'Rambo,' but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country."

Considering his upcoming action extravaganza THE EXPENDABLES sounds like an extension of RAMBO's second half (leading a group of mercenaries in another nation to eliminate a brutal tyrant), it might be more interesting to see him chopping through some domestic problems. You may recall that the initial premise for RAMBO was to have him coming out of "retirement" to rescue his kidnapped daughter (??) from heavily armed white supremacists, only to uncover a larger plot against the nation.

Extra Tidbit: Working titles (or subtitles) for RAMBO have included HOLY WAR, IN THE SERPENT’S EYE and PEARL OF THE COBRA.
Source: Extra



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