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Ratner does Bollywood


No, oft-reviled director Brett Ratner isn't taking Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to India and inserting impromptu dance numbers among the kung fu scenes and clunky improvised dialogue (although that would probably be more entertaining than the last two RUSH HOURs combined).

But Ratner is taking a crack at Reliance's $30 million Hindi-language film KITES. He'll be editing the existing version in the hopes that it will hold some level of appeal to American audiences.

The producers are praying to Vishnu that Ratner's English variant will "tailor the tale of love and betrayal to international auds and help the pic find international distributors."

Variety also points out that Ratner is developing an adaptation of Rob Liefeld's YOUNGBLOOD comic for the deep-pocketed Reliance, who paid mid-six figures for the rights to property rather than leaving it in the 50-cent discount bin where it truly belongs.

Extra Tidbit: In case you haven't been following, the random Ratnerized posters are still being cranked out.
Source: Variety



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