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Reynolds Motorcade?


The Dreamworks thriller MOTORCADE is starting to cruise... without Cruise.

The project started as a figurative/literal vehicle for Tom Cruise with director Len Wiseman (UNDERWORLD, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD), but was put on blocks while the diminutive superstar decided between a half-dozen projects. Now it's starting to roll again, with Ryan Reynolds getting the eyeball for the lead role.

The story is about "a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the U.S. president is kidnapped in New York."

Jon Cassar, exec producer/director of the interminable series "24" (or as I call it, the best sitcom on TV) will now get behind the camera for his feature debut. The project would potentially go into production next year after Reynolds finishes work on GREEN LANTERN.

Extra Tidbit: Reynolds made a cameo on the TV show "My Boys" under the name "Champ Nightengale." I'm betting they won't let him use that for GREEN LANTERN.
Source: Variety



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