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Ricky Gervais is bringing his infamous Office character to the big screen


It seems Ricky Gervais feels more comfortable on the small screen, or maybe he finds that he has a little more freedom to explore the characters he creates. In any event, arguably the most popular so far would be that of David Brent from The Office. His role solidified his brand of humor for a lot of American audiences, and certainly paved the way for the hugely popular US iteration of Michael Scott (played to perfection by Steve Carell). Last year, Gervais returned to the character of David Brent for a comic relief special.

He must have enjoyed his time, as it's now been made official that he'll be returning to the character for a film entitled LIFE ON THE ROAD. In it, Brent is an on-the-road salesman of cleaning products who decides he's going to self-fund a UK rock tour of his own. They currently plan to end the film like "Scorsese shooting The Rolling Stones". I enjoy Gervais' stand-up a little more than the characters he's portrayed, but I'll be happy to see him return to theaters.

LIFE ON THE ROAD will go into production in early 2015.

This is a reunion I'd pay to see.

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Source: Digital Spy



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