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Rippling pecs and bloody swords in this new gallery of Conan pics!


As far as I'm concerned, the verdict is still out on CONAN THE BARBARIAN. There's enough to like to keep me interested but not enough yet where I'm completely sold (in fact I'm hearing some word of mouth that has me a little scared). We'll be seeing a bit more from the film at Comic-Con that will help with a more informed opinion and now we've got a gallery of 20 new photos from the film.

I'll say that Momoa makes a better Conan in pictures than he does in video as I haven't been much impressed with the trailers but I like the vibe I'm getting from these photos (of course you can't see CGI blood or hear an unbearable hard rock soundtrack in photos...).

I'll drop a few samples below and click on any of them to head to the full gallery over at our CONAN THE BARBARIAN preview page.

Source: JoBlo.com



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