Rodat saving Foundation

Asimov the Magnificient

I don't know why I'm still surprised that someone is actually attempting to adapt Asimov's fluvial FOUNDATION to the big screen, considering that just about every successful book series has been or is being adapted, and that CGI makes such an endeavor much easier than only 20 years ago. Where I understandably AM surprised is that the man behind this latest book-to-screen venture is the current Master of Disaster, Rolland Emmerich.

Out to promote his forthcoming planet-in-peril epic 2012, Rolly touched upon the Sci-Fi extravaganza with ComingSoon in revealing he scored an Oscar nominee to pen the project, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN scribe Robert Rodat who previously helped out the director with THE PATRIOT. You know, the one where Mel Gibson goes berserk and kills lots of bad guys. No, that other one. No, not that one either... Never mind.

Says Emmerich of Rodat, "He is the most knowledgeable person I ever met about the 'Foundation' novels. It's great to write with somebody like that because there's no, 'I'll just look in the book and see what's there'". Which kind of explains most of his own movies...

Extra Tidbit: Emmerich was interested in doing TRANSFORMERS, but Dreamworks and Spielberg wanted Michael Bay instead. Can't decide if they made a good call or not...
Source: Coming Soon



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