Rogen meets Huey?

What could Seth Rogen and Huey Lewis be doing at lunch together? Perhaps discussing where the heart of rock and roll is a-beating or perhaps discussing the theme song to Rogen's next flick. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rogen is working to convince Huey Lewis to write and perform the theme song for PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Rogen is apparently a huge fan of "Power of Love" from BACK TO THE FUTURE (and honestly, who isn't?...) and asked Lewis to come up with a theme that would hark back to that style. Am I nuts or is this the best idea of all time? I miss the "movie theme songs" so much I wrote a column about it (sadly YouTube pulled most of the clips I posted for that column). PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, which co-stars James Franco, is set for release next August, which should leave Lewis and his friends in The News ample time to come up with the perfect theme.

Extra Tidbit: Rogen co-wrote PINEAPPLE with his SUPERBAD writing partner Evan Goldberg.



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