Rum Diary soon?

Hot on the webs today is the news that Johnny Depp may be suiting up to play Hunter S. Thompson's alter-ego again sooner rather than later in THE RUM DIARY. The source of this is a casting announcement found by TheBadAndUgly, who are also saying that "word on the street" is that the production is assistant is keen on Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. The role requires nudity.

In the movie, Depp will play Kemp, a young journalist who finds himself working as a freelance journalist in the Caribbean surrounded by people intent on self-destruction.

Now look, let's be serious about this for a moment. Scarlett Johansson has to take this role. She owes it to her fans and to movie-goers and to biology. Genetic miracles didn't give her that rack so she could squander it by hiding it under blouses and shit. I honestly don't know what makes me feel worse inside: those adverts about the bears that are forced to dance for money, or when I see Johansson in a tank-top.

Extra Tidbit: The Rum Diary was written in the 60s but wasn't published until 1998.
Source: BadnUgly



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