Sam Raimi produces the adaptation of R.L. Stine's The Sitter

One of my favorite things from childhood aside from the original Nickelodeon cartoon line-up (from the 90's) was R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" books.

Well, instead of getting a plot for a movie out of the "Goosebumps" series, it looks like one is coming from one of Stine's adult novels, "The Sitter". Guess will be producing? Mr. Sam Raimi.

Ghost House Pictures, the production company that Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Nathan Kahane share has picked up the rights for the novel. When it's all said and done the adaptation will be titled, THE AU PAIR. Ghost House nabbed Dana Stevens to write the script. She worked with Raimi in the past on FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME. The last project Steven penned was LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT with Angelina Jolie.

Book Summary:

"Ellie Saks is dying to escape the city. She's sick of dead-end jobs, her mother's disapproval, her loser ex-boyfriend, Clay, who won't take a hint, and the memories of a terrible incident that occurred years ago. When her best friend suggests a summer in the Hamptons, full of glitzy parties, cool cocktails, and hot dates, Ellie's on the first Jitney out. To fund all this glamour, Ellie takes a job as a nanny. From the outside, the family's beachfront home is perfect. But then Ellie meets four-year-old Brandon, who hasn't spoken for months. The boy's icy stare and demonic laughter make clear to Ellie that he is troubled, haunted by something too horrible for words. She begins to receive threatening messages and disturbing gifts. But it's not until she barely escapes a harrowing experience that she realizes her life may depend on figuring out who's behind it: Clay? Brandon? And why? And every once in a while, in a crowd, she sees a face she hasn't seen in seven years—the face of a boy who died long ago. It would seem that Ellie's summer of fun has turned into a summer of horror—one she'll never forget . . . if she survives it at all."

Extra Tidbit: "Goosebumps" and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? were where it was at as far as kid horror goes.
Source: THR



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