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Satiate your thirst for another Underworld Awakening trailer


I've never met anyone that was more than indifferent to the UNDERWORLD movies so I'm not quite sure who keeps seeing them. They do keep making money though, so sequels keep coming.

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING is the fourth in the series, with the big selling point being Kate Beckisndale's return to the role that made her famous. Also, it's in 3D. Otherwise things look as familiar as ever.

In this film the humans have finally realized how much danger they're in from the vampires and lycans that live among them so they've started up a war against them. The story definitely lends itself to an even more action-packed film, as does the $65 million budget. For all that money the werewolves still look pretty silly but hey, all that black leather is expensive.

The full trailer has been released and is embedded below. UNDERWORLD AWAKENING hits theaters January 20th. Any of you folks plan on catching it?

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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