Saw IV body count up

Lyriq Bent Like a minor puncture wound to the skull, we're getting a slow seepage of casting information on the upcoming horror sequel SAW IV. The first victim to once again fall prey to Jigsaw's demented (but morally ambiguous) game was Scott Patterson of "Gilmore Girls" and now an anonymous tipster (now confirmed by SAW IV director Darren Lynn Bousman himself) has relayed to our own lovably demented crew at sister site "Arrow in the Head" that right-pictured Lyriq Bent, who'd been peripherally involved in Jigsaw's madness in both SAW II and III as no bullshit cop "Rigg", will not only be reprising his role in the fourth installment but will be taking center stage as the presumed focus of Jigsaw's carefully planned, psychologically taxing torture. This very same tipster also noted that Costas Mandylor (pictured below to the left in the black coat) would also be reprising his SAW III role of Forensic Hoffman, though the extent of his involvement in the mindfuck torture fun is still unclear.

As if all that wasn't enough, The Bousman also recently announced to horror power site "Bloody Disgusting" that Justin Louis (pictured below to the right in the striped blue jacket) has been added to the cast in an as yet unspecified role. It's presumed that his ability to convincingly cast a hunky, brooding gaze coupled with his gut wrenching portrayal of Donald Trump's comb over angst helped him secure the role.

Costas Mandylor Justin Louis

Extra Tidbit: Two actors who were set to star apparently had to be edited out of the SAW IV script for medical reasons. Who those two are is anyone's guess. No, seriously, strike back some guesses, please.



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