Scott has Stones

Is it me or does Ridley Scott sign on to direct movies more often then I stick my fingers up my ass and smell them? Maybe it’s just that he doesn’t actually sign on to direct these movies, but that we, as movie freaks, like to speculate too much (remember that Monopoly movie rumor?). Even though much of Hollywood has come to a screeching halt, Scott is currently shooting BODY OF LIES with DiCaprio and Crowe (no first names needed, obvy), will then travel to NOTTINGHAM, once again with Crowe (when is he not with Crowe), and has now signed on yet another dotted line for the supernatural thriller STONES.

Variety describes the film as a “big-scale supernatural thriller revolving around the mysterious destruction of ancient religious sites around the world. It turns out that Stonehenge is the tie that binds together artifacts that still have primeval powers.” Well then. I always knew there was something fishy about that asshole Stonehenge. There’s no way a bunch of cocky gigantic rocks in the middle of a deserted field in England acting like they're all that were innocent. The film is set to begin production after the WGA strike, which will presumably and hopefully be over by the time Scott wraps on NOTTINGHAM.

Extra Tidbit: An Extra Tidbit in two parts: 1) When BLADE RUNNER was first released, it was a flop. 2) According to Wikipedia, Ridley Scott is actually directing a MONOPOLY movie.
Source: Variety



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