Set Visit Preview: Dinner for Schmucks!

While July seems like it is a long ways away, I find myself already excited for this summer season when it comes to movies. One film in particular is DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, a film I had the great opportunity for an on-set visit. While it does happen to be another remake (1998’s LE DINER DE CONS), I am hoping for something a little better than your average rehash. Not only was I thrilled with the talent in front of the camera, I was also excited to see what Jay Roach had to offer. And with a cast that includes Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, Lucy Punch, Bruce Greenwood and Ron Livingston, I am hoping for one helluva fun time at the movies. And certainly, what I found while I was on set may very likely be a whole lot of funny.

And look what we have here, Paramount sent a new pic from the film. This one includes Paul Rudd and his schmuck (Carell). Honestly, Steve Carell is hard to miss when you see him in person, but they really had this guy schmucked out. His character Barry is certainly a bit of an odd fellow, especially when it comes to his favorite hobby. While on the set, I had to leave earlier, so I was unable to check out Barry’s taxidermy collection of mice and the “Tower of Dreamers”. This bums me out greatly, as I would’ve loved to see this diorama. Here is how Mr. Carell describes his work, ‘Based on these dioramas, the Tower of Dreamers is a combination of many years of work for Barry, for this character. It’s an ode to dreamers throughout history--people who dared to dream. He has recreated these moments in mouse dioramas.’… Yep, a bunch of dead mice dressed as dreamers. Creepy huh?

While I didn’t get to talk to a couple people I would’ve really liked to while there - uh, Galifianakis and Roach – I was extremely happy to talk shop with Livingston. I’ve been a fan of the guy forever, I mean, come on, it’s Peter from OFFICE SPACE! It was quite exciting to sit with him and another favorite of mine, Greenwood. And yes, Bruce was most assuredly asked about the next Star Trek, which he gave us this, ‘Yes there will be [a new Star Trek] and I gather January 2011 is when they’re gonna roll the cameras. That’s the last rumor I heard, but use me as a source at your own peril because I don’t really know.’ And of course, we talked about SCHMUCKS. I’m really looking forward to seeing both of these fine gentlemen yuk it up with such a hilariously funny cast.

So this coming July 23rd, you’ll be invited to attend a DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. Trust me; it’ll be here before we know it. And of course, we’ll keep you posted on all things Schmuck-y. That will include the full interviews and report from my on-set visit, again thanks to the good folks at Paramount for letting us peek into the world of Schmuckdom.

Click here to see the DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS trailer!

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