Shrek 3 Trailer

Well it's almost time for Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and the gang to make a bajillion dollars, as they bring SHREK 3 to cinemas. I never got into this whole thing with the enthusiasm I know a lot of other people did, I don't know why, but there are a bunch of other movies (even a bunch of other number 3s) that I'm much more looking forward to seeing. Anyway, the trailer's pretty much what you'd expect, looks like we'll be getting more of the same, which is I suppose what fans really want. And it's probably a good thing, since I know a couple of people were worried about the project switching directors. I'll just be the first to say it though, don't get too excited, there's no Justin Timberlake in the trailer. You guys are just gonna have to wait to here that sexy voice in the cinemas. Click HERE to check it out!
Extra Tidbit: Apparently Shrek's face is so expressive because it has 218 working muscles in it!
Source: MovieFone.com



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