Southland trailer!

Normally I wouldn't be so excited to see a trailer of a film most critics destroyed (including our own JoBlo), but Richard Kelly has reportedly been very hard at work trying to fix the problems with SOUTHLAND TALES. After over a year of almost non-stop work, SOUTHLAND is scheduled for release this November and the trailer is upon us today courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. If you're at all familiar with SOUTHLAND as a concept, you should not be surprised that WTFness abounds in this trailer. I read the script and I'm still confused. But SOUTHLAND seems to be less of a movie in the traditional sense and more an "experience." Either you're with it or you're not.

I don't think the trailer did a particularly good job of selling the movie to non-familiar audiences other than throwing famous names at us (and spelling them wrong to boot - it's Seann William Scott, with two Ns, guys). To be fair though, regardless of what this trailer showed, I was going to see this movie anyway. Just sheer curiosity as to how Kelly was going to pull this off was getting my ass in a seat. As for you? Check out the trailer for yourself and decide...

Director Kevin Smith
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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