Spawn of Elvis to star in Mad Max: Fury Road

After being in the works for seemingly years now, George Miller's MAD MAX follow-up FURY ROAD is about to start filming in January. With a start date readily approaching, Miller is finishing up some casting and has set another young actress to play the "Five Wives," a group of women Max (Tom Hardy) must protect. Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis (and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley), has signed on to join Zoe Kravitz, Adelaide Clemens and Teresa Palmer as the wives.

So wait...now Teresa Palmer is back in the film? Despite being announced as part of the film a few months ago, Palmer last month told journalists she was actually not in the film. As for Keough, while she's rock royalty, she has acting experience, appearing in THE RUNAWAYS and the upcoming lesbian werewolf film JACK AND DIANE.

Also cast in FURY ROAD are Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult but with plot details being kept under wraps it's hard to get a handle on who's who and what's what. But I think I have a handle on the fact that this film will feature a whole mess of hot chicks.

Extra Tidbit: At one point Michael Jackson was Keough's stepfather.
Source: THR



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