Spielberg gets more specific about Tintin 2

Professor CalculusI saw THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN opening weekend in Dublin when it first came out back in October, and then I saw it opening weekend when it came out here in the States. I absolutely loved it both times, seeing it for the first by myself and for the second with someone who was completely unfamiliar with the world of Tintin. And let me tell you, she was no less enraptured than I. Spiellberg let his imagination run rampant in a beautiful way that I haven't seen in quite a while, and I for one am salivating for the planned sequel. Which brings us to this:

“Peter [Jackson]’s doing it. I wanted to do it, but Peter has to because we made a deal. I said, ‘I’ll direct the first one, you direct the second one.’  And Peter, of course, is going to do it right after he finishes photography on The Hobbit. He’ll go right into the 31, 21 days of performance capture."  What they're talking about is Jackson shooting the motion capture for TINTIN 2 while THE HOBBIT undergoes further editing and visual effects work, so he can still be plenty involved in both.  The thing is that TINTIN 2 is going to have an awfully long post-producton process of its own, so the sooner they start the better.

Insofar as what it will be about exactly?  “We’re not telling the world what books we’re basing the second movie on yet.  We have completed a story outline now. We have a writer on it. I’m just not declaring what it is. It will be more than one book, but no more than two.”  There's been talk of bringing in a character named Professor Calculus (pictured above right), which to me would be wonderful since he is a a hilariously befuddled and very touching character to witness.  Considering the summer start date, look for more information soon!

Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg

Extra Tidbit: THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN has thus far grossed $76 million in the US and $295 million internationally.
Source: Total Film



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