Step Up 3D trailer busts a move in your face

I had a hard time wrapping my head around this new trailer for STEP UP 3D, mainly because I can't tell if the generic-hot-dancer-guy and feisty-OK-looking-female-dancer-with-good-abs are the same two leads from either of the other films, but further research proves that they are not, and the only carryover is that goofy curly haired kid from STEP UP 2 THE STREETS.

The gimmick here is that the dancing action is in 3D and therefore “In your face!” is no longer just a bit of trash talking. The plot is something about there being a large dance event that the titular crew has to win. Shocking!

I actually have no problem with these movies and think they’re pretty harmless. Some of the dancing is just insane, and there are worse ways to kill an hour and a half.

Extra Tidbit: The first movie marks practically the only time Channing Tatum has appeared onscreen NOT as a soldier.
Source: JoBlo.com



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