Streep, Gandolfini and Hoffman to make movie sure to be nominated for something

Back in June, rumors started swirling that Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep were set to star in GREAT HOPE SPRINGS, a dramedy about an older couple at the precipice of divorce. Shortly thereafter it became clear that Bridges wasn't interested in the film (besides, I think Disney has him locked up on promotions for TRON: LEGACY for the next five years) and that was pretty much the last we had heard of it. But it looks as if hope springs eternal for GREAT HOPE SPRINGS as a new cast has materialized around the project.

Streep remains attached to the film and stepping in to replace Bridges would be James Gandolfini with Philip Seymour Hoffman playing their marriage therapist. Mike Nichols, who previously worked with Streep on SILKWOOD and HEARTBURN, would direct the film from a script by Vanessa Taylor. The cast reportedly did a readthrough recently that went swimmingly and all parties are hopeful to get production started this spring.

Currently no studio is attached to the project but that appears to be changing as an award-winning cast is attached to a meaty script for an Oscar-winning director. If I had to guess, I'd think that Sony Pictures would seal the deal based on their previous relationships with Mandate Pictures but that's just my speculation.

Extra Tidbit: Is this based on a board game? Are there any aliens in it? Explosions?...
Source: Vulture



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