T-Bag vs. Wolvey?

I don't know about you guys but I think that Robert Knepper might be one of the best actors on television. It's only fitting therefore that he get a shot at the big time (a better shot than that 2 second appearance he had in HOSTAGE) with some real juicy movie role. And it will probably come in the form of some slimy villain, because saying Knepper can play slimy a little, is like saying Jordan could play basketball a little. Today's interesting rumor, is that the man might be about to co-star in WOLVERINE! I had never considered this for a second until I read the rumor, but wouldn't he make a sweet Sabretooth? I can see it, definitely. Still, time will tell if he is to play the Tooth, or some other mutant, or one of Stryker's cronies, or maybe nothing at all. You can head on over to the Denver Post's interview with the man to find out a little bit more, mostly though, he's talking about his role in the upcoming HITMAN, in which he plays a Russian bureaucrat.
Extra Tidbit: Yeah, Michael Scofield is dreamy and dashing and all, but is anybody else's favorite Prison Break character, T-Bag?
Source: Filmonic



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