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Take a look at Chris Evans as Captain America in this screenshot from Comic-Con


UPDATE: Since I was not at Comic-Con, I've been informed by a few schmoes that this is not the final costume. Reader Unruhss noted that Joe Johnston and Kevin Feige said that they filmed the shot during costume test and assured that this was not the final suit. Thank you good sir!

Okay, so it's not a crystal clear picture, but it is a shot of Chris Evans in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.

The shot comes from reader, Hans Cholo who says the photo is a screenshot of the footage shown at Comic-Con. During the panel at Con, they managed to get something thrown together to show fans.

I think between this, THOR, and GREEN LANTERN, I'm most excited to see Cap do his thing.

It got me a little excited.

Extra Tidbit: Here's our panel coverage from CAPTAIN AMERICA & THOR.
Source: JoBlo.com



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