TF2 has mega budget

Megan Fox spoke to IGN recently and revealed that TRANSFORMERS 2 will actually have almost twice the budget that the first film had. I don't know how much exactly was spent making the first one, but conservatives estimates have the figure between $50 million, and a squillion dollars. She also speaks a little bit about her character:

"It's two years later, so when it comes out it will be present day. Shia and I have been dating for two years, so it's kind of like old news. There's no big love scenes or anything like that – you kind of get into the couple bickering now. That stage, like the old married couple. That's all I can say!"

No big love scenes? This chick is all for nudity and we don't even bother to throw in a gratuitous love scene? I think I speak for all of planet Earth, including the guy's parents, when I say f*ck you Michael Bay.
Extra Tidbit: Also, what the hell?
Source: IGN



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