The 50 breast bests

Because I consider you all dear friends, I'm going to do something that demonstrates that type of friendship, and point you over to Filmthreat.com where they've compiled a list of the fifty greatest breasts in the history of film. But what makes this list so special is that they don't settle for mere photos to demonstrate the mammary magnificence of these actresses, oh no. They provide us with YouTube clips featuring memorable celluloid moments that demonstrate just how bountiful these famous bosoms are.

The list reaches all the way back to silent film star Mae West, and takes us straight in to the present day, where you can bet Scarlett Johansson has earned her rightful spot. For the females out there, if you think this list reduces talented actresses to nothing but they're looks, the compilers of it do acknowledge that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and provide a link to website of the American Cancer Society. On a totally unrelated note, I am completely obsessed with breasts.

Extra Tidbit: According to Wikipedia, "Bare female breasts can elicit heightened sexual desires from men." That's news to me.
Source: Film Threat



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