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The Dark Knight Rises is on pace to a huge opening weekend, possibly the biggest ever


Until the horrible events of early this morning, the big topic was how well would THE DARK KNIGHT RISES perform at the box office and could it beat THE AVENGERS record-breaking gross. Based on early indications, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES may be on it's way to the biggest opening weekend in history. Here are some breakdowns.

According to Fandango, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES currently accounts for 91% of daily ticket sales, selling out coast-to-coast from big cities like New York and Los Angeles, to smaller towns like Sunrise, Florida to Puyallup, Washington. The film also promises to be one of Fandango's all-time top mobile ticket-sellers, with nearly 30% of the site's fans on Thursday using Fandango’s mobile site and apps to buy their tickets in advance. The ticket site has reportedly sold out over 2,000 screenings of the movie.

Over at Deadline, they are reporting that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES grossed over $28 million for midnight screenings last night. That would likely put it above THE AVENGERS record of $28 million back in May. Worldwide, the film has already grossed $68.4 million, which are very promising numbers to break THE AVENGERS record opening weekend of $207.4.

The geniuses over at Box Office Mojo have used their mathematical prowess to determine that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is going to gross somewhere in the range of $193 million and $228 million. That would mean that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES could be the highest grossing opening weekend of all time without the added boost from 3D sales. THE AVENGERS gained 51% of it's gross from 3D showings.

The tragedy from last night may or may not put affect movie-goers from seeing the film, but that is the last thing we should be worried about at this point. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be a successful movie based on the fans who clamor for the film.



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