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The first image from Scary Movie 5 is a meeting of PR car wrecks


I am pretty sure the world stopped caring about SCARY MOVIE after the second one, but here we are talking about SCARY MOVIE 5.

At this point, the buzz for the spoof is more about Lindsay Lohan and whether she will live through production. With her recent hit and run, it remains to be seen if they will even finish this movie. But, today we have our first official look at SCARY MOVIE 5.

The photo looks like it could have been from the set of Charlie Sheen's sitcom rather than a Hollywood production, but we see Lohan in lingerie and Sheen looking concerned. Not much to get you excited about the movie.

Maybe I am wrong. The Facebook page for SCARY MOVIE 5 has over 23,000 likes, so maybe there is a desire for this movie. We will see when SCARY MOVIE 5 opens in 2013.

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