The Fright Night remake takes place in Vegas and other details

Recently, I re-visited the original FRIGHT NIGHT. I was curious how Colin Farrell might measure up to Chris Sarandon's portrayal of Jerry Dandrige. Then realizing how great it really was, I wondered what the new one would have in-store.

After a cluster of information brought by /Film via various new outlets, here's what we have going on as far as details for the remake:

- There's a new location: Vegas.

- Script writer, Marti Noxon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) is in pre-production for a July shoot. She says her modern take will feature a vampire that's more badass than the current trend of vamps. In her version, Dandrige is, "a much more 'Jaws'-like vampire in the Amblin tradition."

- To go along with the Vegas theme, Pete Vincent will be more of a "Criss Angel- type, a master showman" according to Shock Til' You Drop.

- Still no confirmation on whether or not Sarandon will have a role, or even a cameo.

While it isn't a lot of news, it's enough to make your brain start to trail off. Noxon did some great work on the BUFFY series, at least in my opinion. Also, while imaging someone replacing Sarandon is weird, I want to see what Farrell does with it. Fail or not, I'm very curious.

On the subject on Noxon, the writer will be stepping in the shoes as a director for a film titled, BOX CITY. There's no other details than that, except the cast alone is a reason to see it: Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Zooey Deschanel.

Extra Tidbit: Anton Yelchin is taking on the Charley role, but who will be Evil Ed? What about Amy?
Source: VarietySTYD



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