The new Stepfather

The 80s domestic thriller THE STEPFATHER is getting an update for the 21st century, and the new family unit has been found.

Dylan Walsh slips into Terry O'Quinn's empty pants to play the seemingly mild-mannered new husband of Sela Ward (THE FUGUTIVE). Things get complicated when teenager Penn Badgley (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE) discovers his new stepdad's dark side and murderous past.

Screen Gems' remake comes from writer J.S. Cardone and TV director Nelson McCormick, who both just finished work on the studio's redo of PROM NIGHT. Someone with check-writing ability was obviously happy with their version of 80s horror.

Walsh hasn't had much luck on the big screen -- still shaking the black mark of CONGO, perhaps -- but has certainly proven his worth on NIP/TUCK. He's got an inherent nice-guy vibe that should be fun to see him shed for some psychotic behavior.
Extra Tidbit: Before THE STEPFATHER came a little-seen similar mom's-got-a-new-nutjob movie called FIRSTBORN, which starred Peter Weller, Teri Garr, Corey Haim, Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr.
Source: Variety



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