The Old Republic cinematic trailer will force push your socks off

Why yes, I am posting another Star Wars related, E3 video game trailer because once again, it is awesome, and you should see it. Yesterday’s Force Unleashed 2 trailer inspired a mini-rant from me about how this is how new Star Wars movies should be, and about 80% of you agreed with me, according to the Strikes Back counter (which is of course, infallible). 

Well, you can copy and paste that again here because, it’s just as true for Bioware's The Old Republic. You’ll see an epic lightsaber/trooper battle on Alderaan, and again, it’s cooler than any Star Wars action scene we’ve seen on the big screen in years.

Anyone who’s played a Bioware game (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KOTOR) knows that they know how to write, and so when I say this is the kind of Star Wars movie we need, I mean that in all areas, not just in cool CGI cinematic battles which yes, I understand do not reflect actual gameplay. It's not real hard to write a better script than George Lucas these days, and there are plenty of talented people who could.

Check it out below (click through for HD), and tell me I'm wrong. Which I know you will.

Extra Tidbit: I am really disappointed with the actual in-game cartoonish graphics of the MMO though.
Source: JoBlo.com



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