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Things get bloody in the red band trailer for The ABCs of Death 2


A few years ago, THE ABCS OF DEATH took the horror anthology to new depths of depravity. The collection of 26 short films, each inspired by one of the letters of the alphabet, was a mix of disturbingly original and just awful takes on unique ways of dispatching people from this mortal coil. If you are one of those who loves this type of movie, get ready for THE ABCS OF DEATH 2.

Directors this time around include Todd Rohal, Rodney Ascher, Bill Plympton, Vincenzo Natali and Larry Fessenden, all of whom tackle the assignment of making these shorts with gusto. This red-band trailer showcases some seriously gory moments from the film and yet I have the feeling there is going to be even worse moments in the full film. These shorts come from all across the world, so there are subtitles, animated segments, black and white vignettes, and just straight ahead horror to be seen.

As a horror aficionado, I am going to give this film a shot. Some of the 26 films in the first movie were hard to watch and stick with me to this day. That means this is definitely a contender for viewing this Halloween. THE ABCS OF DEATH 2 premieres On Demand on October 2nd and in theaters on October 31st.

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