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Tommy Lee Jones joins Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner in thriller Criminal


Ariel Vromen's THE ICEMAN is a solid film with an excellent performance by Michael Shannon, and the director will be working with some other fantastic actors for his next movie, CRIMINAL. Gary Oldman and Kevin Costner were previously cast in Vromen's new film, and THR is reporting Tommy Lee Jones will be joining them for the thriller. The script for CRIMINAL was written by THE ROCK and DOUBLE JEOPARDY scribes Douglas Cook and David Weisberg.

CRIMINAL might have a generic title, but it has an interesting premise.

Criminal follows a dangerous prison inmate who has a dead CIA operative's memories, secrets and skills implanted into him in hopes he'll stop a diabolical plot.

There aren't any details on who Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman will be playing in CRIMINAL, but according to THR, Tommy Lee Jones will play Dr. Frank, a neuroscientist who transplants the CIA operative's memories.

Even if the synopsis for CRIMINAL doesn't blow you away, that's one very exciting cast Ariel Vromen has lined-up for his follow-up to THE ICEMAN. Who would you like to see join Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in CRIMINAL as the dangerous inmate?

Source: THR



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