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Most people agree that the TR2N teaser shown at the Con was a kaleidoscopic orgasm of awesomeness, moreso by the fact that it featured Jeff Bridges. Like a true c**k tease, however, Disney threw this out and left us holding our nads. Questions of who, what, when, where and "will this come off?" immediately began but luckily, Jim Hill Media has been kind enough to answer some of these.

First of all, Pixar grand master, John Lasseter, was the driving force behind getting TR2N made, seeing as how he has a little bit of a soft spot for the original (at least the ground breaking visuals) and he pushed to get a teaser out to prove to Disney that a sequel could work. He's not, however, a big fan of the story so though original TRON writer/director Steve Lisberger has been cooking up a sequel since the original was released, Lasseter has decided to start from scratch and brough onboard Eddie Kitsis & Adam Horowitz of "Lost" to pen the script and commercial director Joseph Kosinski to helm. Kosinski will be making his feature debut and Lisberger will retain a co-producer credit.

Get more, including a look at some of Kosinski's work HERE or at the above link.

Extra Tidbit: Check out a kinda terrible bootleg of the teaser HERE.
Source: Jim Hill Media



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