Tron goes viral?

UPDATE: After all that viral fun below, we've been lead to a site called www.flynnlives.com (Kevin Flynn was the character played by Jeff Bridges in the original 1982 film), which has a little bouncy spider at the bottom. If you click on the spider, a countdown clock appears which says "Meet us at the cul de sac near the corner of 1st and J when the numbers run out. You’ll know who we are." Hmmmm....

As I'm sure you all know at this point, TRON is coming to Comic-Con this Thursday. What we'll see and who will be in attendance we don't really know at this point but that's not all we don't know. A very mysterious envelope arrived on my doorstep just minutes ago. Inside was a tiny manila envelope with two coins and a small USB flash drive. A further look at the coins revealed they were actually tokens for "Flynn's Arcade" the "Home of Tron."

The contents of the flash drive were far more mysterious. It contained only a single .gif file titled "3". When the gif was animated it scrolled a series of code that looked like HMTL only with abstract symbols followed by a series of numbers. I'm still in the process of documenting all that so I'll update as I'm done and you all can help me figure out exactly what is going on here and what this code leads to. Stay tuned!...

UPDATE - I've included the string of code in an easier to read .jpg file below. I'm guessing this has something to do with ASCII or something. First one to crack gets a high five from me! (If I crack it first, I give myself a high five.)

UPDATE #2 - A JoBlo reader wrote in and said they got a package with a .gif titled "1". Take a look:

UPDATE #3 - The guys at First Showing have .gif #4 and UGO just posted .gif #2. I'm guessing there are four total and now we can start piecing it all together...

Source: JoBlo.com



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