Venom trailer!

If there's one thing I've learned writing for this site, it's that the kids just looooove Venom. LOVE. HIM. And while he's been barely glimpsed in previous trailers for SPIDER-MAN 3, the latest clip (which played in theaters with 300) is almost exclusively focused on the character's origin.

For those who don't know, Venom is the Spider-equivalent of goateed Spock, an evil mirror version of the web-slinging hero. See, Peter Parker finds this alien symbiote that clings to his costume and turns him malicious, but he rejects it and the goop bonds to Parker's angry adversary Eddie Brock who gets nasty teeth and a long tongue and OMG it's soooooo cool.

Similarly amorphous bad guy Sandman is also in the sequel, which seems to be getting overlooked... But what difference does it make? You're all gonna go see the movie in a month anyway! Check out the newest trailer (now finally online) RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: My own idea for SPIDER-MAN 4? Introduce (or have already established) some of the "animal" villains like Lizard, Rhino and Vulture, and then have them and Spidey all treated like "big game" by Kraven the Hunter. It would cost around $600 million.
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