Vera Farmiga will play Norman's mother in the series Bates Motel

Carlton Cuse's PSYCHO prequel BATES MOTEL just got a little more interesting. Vera Farmiga will take on the role of Norman Bates' mother in this story of what turned the young man into the cross-dressing serial killer that we all know.

The A&E series will premiere in 2013 with ten episodes. The story will examine the twisted relationship between serial killer-to-be Norman Bates and his mother Norma. Farmiga will play Norma Louise Bates who is described as passionate, and compelling, a smart, multidimensional character who is always capable of surprising us.

Farmiga got her start in television on series UC: UNDERCOVER and TOUCHING EVIL before starring in films like THE DEPARTED, RUNNING SCARED, UP IN THE AIR, SOURCE CODE, and SAFE HOUSE. No word on who will be cast as Norman. In fact, we don't know how young they plan to go with the characters. Farmiga is only 39, so they could be going back as far as a pre-teen Norman which leaves a lot of room for him to reach the early thirties version we associate with Anthony Perkins.

Much like HANNIBAL over at NBC, I am intrigued as to how much they can do with the character. if it devolves into a different guest checking into the motel each week then it may fade quickly. The direct to series order by A&E does show they have confidence in what Cuse has to offer.

What do you think about this casting for BATES MOTEL?

Source: Deadline



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