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Vince Gilligan reveals the alternate endings for Breaking Bad


All bad things have finally come to an end.

I spent much of my time with BREAKING BAD searching the internet for clues to how it all could go in the end. There I was doing homework on a television show; trying to reach inside of Vince Gilligan's head and pull out each cleverly placed easter egg. In the end, I really didn't guess all too well, which turned out for the best. I don't know what your feeling were towards the series finale but I believe it was of all things, satisfying.

I'm sure that it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall when they were planning how it would all end up for Walt, Jesse and the rest of the gang. In an interview with EW, Gilligan finally reveals the other possible endings for the show:

If you haven't finished the series, then it's time to find something else to read. Find the endings after the photo.

Scenario One: What's the best ending for Walt?

We didnt feel an absolute need for Walt to expire at the end of the show. Our gut told us it was right. As the writers and I worked through all these different possibilities, it felt right, but I dont think it was a necessity for us. There was a version we kicked around where Walt is the only one who survives, and hes standing among the wreckage and his whole family is destroyed. That would be a very powerful ending but very much a kick-in-the-teeth kind of ending for the viewers. We talked about a version where Jesse kills Walt. We talked about a version where Walt more or less gets away with it. Theres no right or wrong way to do this job its just a matter of: You get as many smart people around you as possible in the writers room, and I was very lucky to have that. And when our gut told us we had it, we wrote it, and I guess our gut told us that it would feel satisfying for Walt to at least begin to make amends for his life and for all the sadness and misery wrought upon his family and his friends. Walt is never going to redeem himself. Hes just too far down the road to damnation. But at least he takes a few steps along that path. And I think more importantly for him than that is the fact that he accomplishes what he set out to accomplish way back in the first episode: He leaves his family just a ton of money. Of course, Walt for years now has been looking through the wrong end of the telescope. For years now, he thought if he makes his family financially sound thats really all he has to do as a man, as a provider, and as a father. Theyre going to walk away with just shy of 10 million in cash, because of Walts machinations with Gretchen (Jessica Hecht) and Elliott (Adam Godley). But on the other hand, the family emotionally is scarred forever. So its a real mixed message at the end. Walt has failed on so many levels, but he has managed to do the one thing he set out to do, which is a victory. He has managed to make his family financially sound in his absence, and that was really the only thing he set out to do in that first episode. So, mission accomplished.

Scenario two: Should Jesse shoot Walt?

We talked about Jesse taking Walt up on his offer to kill him or Walt turning around to find Jesse had a gun on him. We talked about every permutation we could conceive of, and we went the way we went ultimately because the bloodlust had been satiated prior to that moment by seeing Jesse throttle Todd (Jesse Plemons) to death. Thats what the writers wanted to see. Todd is actually in a weird way kind of likable, but he just had to go. Opie had to go. Ricky Hitler, as we like to call him. I think the whole world is better off without that group of characters. So having satisfied that, it felt to us like, Jesse is not a killer. This poor guy has wound up having to kill over and over again. The first time he did it was to save Mr. White as well as himself, and its not a natural fit for him, and its something thats stolen a big, important piece of his soul. And we thought to ourselves, You know what? Let it end with Todd. Let that be the last person this kid ever kills. Let him go on from here to have a decent life. And also, hes got reason enough to kill Walt. Hes got reason enough to be murderously angry at him. But he had said a long time ago, in a previous episode, Im never doing what you tell me to do ever again, so when he says no and drops the gun and says, Do it yourself, to Mr. White, its as much a refusal to do what Walt tells him. Hes just not going to make Walt happy anymore. Its not about, Im not still angry enough to murder you. Rather, its, You want this, and therefore Im not giving it to you.

Scenario Three (which happened): Let Jesse escape

We found over the years that the way we can please the majority of the audience most of the time is to tune out as much extraneous factors as possible and please the eight of us in the writers room. If we can make ourselves happy day in and day out, we had a pretty good chance of making most viewers happy as well, and thats what held us in good stead for six years. With that in mind, all [of us] in the writers room just loved Jesse (Aaron Paul) and we just figured he had gotten in way over his head. When you think of it, he didnt really have a chance in the early days. Walt said, You either help me cook meth and sell it, or else Ill turn you in to the DEA. So this poor kid, based on a couple of really bad decisions he made early on, has been paying through the nose spiritually and physically and mentally and emotionally. In every which way, hes just been paying the piper, and we just figured it felt right for him to get away. It would have been such a bummer for us, as the first fans of the show, for Jesse to have to pay with his life ultimately.

Pressing Question: What will happen to Jesse now?

We always felt like the viewers desired Jesse to get away. And its up to the individual viewer to decide what happens next for Jesse. Some people might think, Well, he probably got two miles down the road before the cops nailed him. But I prefer to believe that he got away, and hes got a long road to recovery ahead, in a sense of being held prisoner in a dungeon for the last six months and being beaten to within an inch of his life and watching Andrea be shot. All these terrible things hes witnessed are going to scar him as well, but the romantic in me wants to believe that he gets away with it and moves to Alaska and has a peaceful life communing with nature.

To check out the rest of Gilligan and the writers decisions(spoilers there too), head here.

Source: EW



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